1. How are your coffee beans sourced? Are they organic or fair trade?

      • This is directly from our supplier:

        "When folks ask us whether our coffees are part of certification programs that ensure a fair price at the end, our answer is that they’re so much more. We not only pay fair prices for green coffee, but we practice a philosophy that can be verified by third parties and that, while still just a few years old, is already showing real, data-backed results on the lives of producers and communities.

        Every time you place an order with us you’ll be receiving top-quality coffee. Each coffee we offer is the result of an extensive quality control process. We test for quality at every stage of production, while the coffee is still at origin, and we test again in the U.S. before and after the coffees arrive. Plus, we run our own facilities, so it’s our people with our products every step of the way. We do a lot to make sure that what arrives at your door will be the finest we can offer, and we’re confident you’ll taste the difference.

        Our coffee beans are sourced by teams at origin that work with producers. Our system is designed to maximize farmer prosperity while ensuring environmental and social integrity (because when farmers aren’t earning enough money to feed their families, it’s hard to talk to them about properly recycling water, for example)."

    2. Do your beans ever come into contact with nuts? Why do your tasting notes sometimes have nuts in them? 

      • No, our coffee beans never comes into any cross pollination with nuts. You will sometimes see different nuts in our "tasting notes", but that only has to do with a way to describe the flavor, not what it was roasted with.

    3. Can you ship internationally?

      • Not yet. As a new start-up, we are excited at the prospect of providing coffee to our friends outside the US. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to handle an undertaking of this scale just yet. It is on our radar and Lord willing will be offered in the future.

    4. Will you offer additional roasts in the future?

      • Absolutely! In time we plan to introduce the addition of lighter and darker roasts from different origins and even a decaffeinated option.