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Why It Matters

Unfortunately, many coffee companies financially support the destruction of your Christian worldview. Every dollar spent at these establishments helps to fuel their radically unbiblical agendas.

You should not have to choose between tasty coffee and your morals. With Mission First Coffee, you can finally receive delicious specialty roasts from a company with unapologetic Christian values while knowing your dollar works to advance the Gospel around the world.

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You deserve only the best tasting brew and that’s what you can expect from Mission First Coffee. Each bag is expertly roasted, sealed, and shipped at peak freshness to ensure your satisfaction.

With over 15 years of roasting experience under our belt, our small batch coffee will be sure to surprise your taste buds.

Our office is located in the beautiful (but hot) Mesa, AZ and all of our coffee is roasted just north of us in Prescott.


Brew it and love it. If not, we’ll refund you your money. It’s that simple.

If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your purchase, reach out to us within 14 days of delivery and we will offer store credit or a full refund.

You can reach out to us here with any requests or questions.


Mission First Coffee was created out of the desire to build a business that can help serve missionaries on the field. But not just any organization will do.

To ensure your money will make a direct impact, we vet all missionary organizations for transparency in financial reporting,  a history of faithfulness, and to ensure they are biblically and theologically sound.

We are excited to send 10% of every order directly to HeartCry Missionary Society as they share the Gospel around the world. We love this organization for their focus on local indigenous churches.

2020 Financial Report

Meet the Team

Matthew Mellinger


“The goal of Mission First Coffee is to glorify God and share the good news of Christ throughout the world.”

I had the privilege of going on my first short term mission trip when I was 13. I immediately fell in love with other cultures and the kids overseas. I spent the next 9 summers overseas serving and making connections around the world with faithful missionaries.

With a heart for missions and business, I wanted to build a business that would directly support missionaries around the world and glorify God with our mission. Our hopes are to eventually advance our  support beyond just financial contributions to on the ground help and tell the stories of faithful workers around the world in order to encourage more to plant churches and share the Gospel around the world. 


Ben Stiles

Ben is an Arizona transplant from New Hampshire. Before moving across the country in 2019, in search for warmer weather, he served as a Christian summer camp director for nearly 5 years.

Ben is currently very involved in his local church helping with sound and attending various local outreach events. He has a heart for missions and love for all things coffee. 

Alexander Larsen - Master Roaster

Alexander Larsen

Alexander has over 15 years of specialty coffee experience including barista, coffee shop & truck ownership, espresso machine repair, catering, consultation, green coffee, and professional level roasting. 

Alexander also works in fighting wildfires between roasting and enjoys spending time with his family. 


It's More Than Just Good Coffee


Supporting Missionaries

10% of every order is sent directly to missionaries on the field.


Fresh, Delicious Coffee

Each bag is expertly roasted, sealed, and shipped at peak freshness.


Taste Test Guarantee

Brew it and love it. If not, we’ll refund you your money. It’s that simple.

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Kenyan Roast (Light)
Kenyan Roast (Light)
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Light Roast
Light Roast

Light Roast

Mexican Roast (Medium)
Mexican Roast (Medium)
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Medium Roast
Medium Roast

Medium Roast

Mission First Coffee Mexican Decaf
Mission First Coffee Mexican Decaf
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Mission First Coffee Gift Card
Mission First Coffee Gift Card

Mission First Coffee Gift Card

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